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Binary Analysis Cookbook is Out Now!

It was a labor of love for more than nine (9) months but I am pleased to announce that my book "Binary Analysis Cookbook" is now available from your favorite book store! I also made it easy to pick up a copy. Go to and use the navigation links at the bottom of the home page to pick up your copy from your favorite reseller!
I wrote a blog post sharing my experience working with PACKT as a publisher if you've ever considered writing a book for them. You can read that post at
I wrote this book to hit a specific audience looking to get into ELF Binary Analysis. It's beginner friendly and anyone with little to no experience can pick up this book and get started learning how to analyze ELF binaries. This book gives you all the tools and techniques you need to begin learning the intricacies of beginning Binary Analysis and serves as a jumping off point into more advanced books on the topic. The feedback I have received so far on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram has been so positive, so thank you for that support! If you're a student, or looking to switch careers, this book is definitely for you!

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