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PWK and the OSCP Review

Back in 2014 I started down the Pentesting With Kali (PWK) course about a month after passing the CISSP exam, for which I self studied for about 4 months. What can I say, I was a glutton for punishment but it was well worth it. I started off with 90 days, but due to a crazy work schedule, wound up extending it another 30 for a total of 120 days of lab access. I'm not as young as I would like to think I am and have other important responsibilities as Dad and Husband which I consider "Priority 1". So, my time to study, perform the homework assignments, go through the modules, videos, and lab work were limited to 2 hours in the morning before work (typically 5am until 7am), and then again for a few hours after everyone was asleep in the house (typically 9pm until 11pm or Midnight). Weekends I could usually spend up to 6 hours on Saturdays and Sundays studying which helped tremendously. Other people have already done a great job at reviewing the PWK course and the OSCP chal